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  • Moscow University of Finance and Law MFUA is receiving the low places in the main university. In MFUA you can get education for free!
  • Moscow University of Finance and Law MFUA - a modern high school, which combines the latest educational technologies, the best faculty and creative atmosphere.

Special Short Courses

Special Short Courses

Doing Business in Russia

Doing Business in Russia is a short course designed to introduce foreigners to methods and concepts that are key in succeeding in doing business in Russia. This week long program is taught in English by faculty of the business school and industry practitioners, and provides participants with practical insight and core knowledge of Russian business culture, the regulatory environment, entrepreneurship, and the best risk management practices. Doing Business in Russia is designed for business professionals who have recently moved to Russia, business professionals working abroad who have responsibilities related to business in Russia as well as MBA and Masters students who are pursuing coursework in international business or related subjects.

Learn more: http://mbamfua.ru/en/programm/dbr.php

Russian Language School

The Moscow University of Finance and Laws partner school, the International Institute of Linguistics, offer Russian as a Foreign Language courses to develop and cultivate language and communication skills. These courses are available for anyone interested in learning the Russian language and putting their studies into practice while living in Moscow. MGLI instructors use a combination of methods aimed at developing participants listening, writing and speaking skills. Additionally, MGLI organizes various social study meetings with native Russian students, as well as cultural excursions around Moscow and its surrounding areas. MGLIs qualified staff of native speakers and linguistic professionals work together to provide students with an ample variety of learning materials, extracurricular activities and career testing and advisement services, while offering a profound cultural and learning experience.

Learn more: http://www.mgli.ru/russian_language/%D0%B3ussian.php

The American Certificate in Business Administration with the Cambria Rowe Business College

The Moscow University of Finance and Law offers college students an internationally recognized business education in partnership with Cambria Rowe Business College. This institution is one of the top business colleges in the state of Pennsylvania, offering courses in management and various legal disciplines for over 120 years. In completing this program, participants can earn an internationally recognized certificate, and all the benefits of an American education without the financial strain.

Cambria Rowe College is renowned for the success of its graduates, who go on to work in various professional areas including management, marketing, accounting, finance, sales and similar fields. In the American Certificate of Business Administration, students can gain proficient knowledge of contemporary Western and International business practices in management, human resources, marketing and entrepreneurship. With the knowledge and skills acquired during the program, students receive a distinct advantage in competitive domestic and international labor markets. For this reason, the American Certificate in Business Administration provides an advantage to these competitive fields as graduates become the best candidates for international employment.

Sample Certificate: http://www.mfua.ru/about-the-university/international/CertificateofCompletion.pdf

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